Automatic oil and propane filling service

propane filling

Automatic oil and propane filling service

Everyday life is already quite tumultuous for many of us and we unfortunately sometimes neglect some of the tasks to be done when it comes time to take care of the maintenance of the house.

Among the tasks on our long list of things to take care of is propane filling. Everyone is at risk of forgetting to fill the heating oil or propane tank and literally ending up dry. Avoid this risk with Pétrole Léger!

To simplify your life and never be caught off guard, it is strongly recommended to use the available services within our reach. Thus, for peace of mind and to eliminate any risk of unfortunate forgetting, Pétrole Léger offers the automatic filling service of the oil or propane tank for heating.

With this option offered to our customers, there is no longer any need to monitor the oil or propane tank level or worry about planning and calling for the next fuel delivery. Once consumption needs have been established on an annual average, the tank will be filled on a fixed date, thanks to the automated management system.

The auto-delivery service can also come with a ten-month interest-free budget plan. All you have to do is make a request to customer service and that’s it!