Dual energy and the comfort of oil heating


Dual energy and the comfort of oil heating

Dual energy

With the return of the cold weather, nothing is more comforting than being warm at home. And when you can count on a reliable and safe heating system, you can face winter with peace of mind.

There are several heating methods normally adapted to the style of home, its age and the environment (city, suburbs or countryside).

In Quebec, 60% of a home’s energy consumption is devoted to heating, hence the interest in purchasing a highly energy efficient system that limits costs.

Many homes use an oil furnace. Combined with an electric heating source, this dual-energy heating system has the great advantage of being economical. Clearly, electricity serves as the main source of heating and fuel oil (or gas, in other cases) will then become the backup source during periods of extreme cold (when the temperature is below -12ºC) during which the demand for electricity is very high.

Converting your current heating system or purchasing a dual-energy system can be an advantageous solution that allows you to reduce heating costs. By limiting energy consumption, this hybrid device is cost-effective since Hydro-Québec customers benefit from a reduced rate (DT) for their electricity consumption.

Oil heating produces the most comfortable heat possible. By burning at a high temperature, the oil quickly reaches the desired level of heat.

Oil heating system technology has evolved greatly in recent years. Distributed through a central heating system, the oil heating system is much safer and provides uniform and comfortable heat.

A detail that is very important when the mercury displays polar temperatures… or almost!