Economy and Energy Comfort with Rénoclimat and Léger Énergie


Economy and Energy Comfort with Rénoclimat and Léger Énergie


The heat pump has become an essential choice for many homeowners seeking improved energy efficiency and reduced heating and air conditioning costs.. This option also helps decrease their environmental footprint.

Thanks to the financial assistance provided by the Rénoclimat program, it is now more affordable than ever to opt for this eco-energy solution. Léger Énergie is ready to guide you at every step of this energy transition.

Why a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a dual-function device: heating and air conditioning. It offers numerous advantages, but its major advantage in winter is its low energy consumption compared to other heating appliances. Recent models, especially those designed for low temperatures, can heat a house even during extreme cold conditions (-20°C).

The Rénoclimat Program: Promoting Eco-Energy Renovation

The Rénoclimat program is a government initiative that encourages eco-energy renovation work. The goal of these renovations is to reduce a home’s energy consumption while improving its comfort.

Here are the key elements of the subsidy for heat pumps under this program:

Eligibility: To be eligible, the heat pump must be on the list of eligible modelsat the time of installation and must not be installed outside the insulation plan, such as in an attic. A Rénoclimat Participant Guide is also available, detailing all program conditions.

Financial Assistance: The assistance varies depending on the heating capacity of the system. To be precise, it is $50 for every thousand BTU of heating at -8°C. The eligible heat pumps page provides a precise idea of the amount of assistance for each model. With certain heat pumps, the subsidy can reach up to $5,000.

Restrictions: It is essential to note that if you are already benefiting from the “Efficient Heat Pumps” programby Hydro-Québec, you cannot combine it with other subsidies like Rénoclimat.

Léger Énergie: Your Partner

How can Léger Énergie facilitate your transition?

Selection: Léger Énergie guides you in choosing Gree, Napoléon, Amana, or Bosch heat pumps , all known for their efficiency and reliability. These models have a heating capacity ranging from 9,000 to 60,000 BTU. Most of them are eligible for the Rénoclimat subsidy, ensuring the profitability of your investment.

Quality Installation: Proper installation is essential for the efficient operation of a heat pump. Our technicians, specialists in the field, ensure impeccable installation for optimal performance. **our technicians are members of CMMTQ

Support: Although the subsidy application process may seem complex and must be completed by you, we are here to guide you and ensure that all necessary conditions are met, simplifying the procedure.

After-Sales Service: Our commitment to you does not end after installation. For any questions or concerns, Léger Énergie is here to assist you.

In Conclusion

Choosing a cleaner energy solution is a wise choice! With subsidies available through the Rénoclimat program, which can go up to $5,000, and the expertise of Léger Énergie, installing a heat pump becomes a simplified and profitable process.

Contact us now to learn more and start your transition to greener energy and improved comfort.