Heat Pumps and Wall-Mounted Air Conditioners: Advantages and Benefits

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Heat Pumps and Wall-Mounted Air Conditioners: Advantages and Benefits

Right from the start, there’s only one key difference between a heat pump and a wall-mounted air conditioner: the heat pump can provide both cooling in the summer and heating during the cold season evenly throughout the entire house through air duct systems, while the wall-mounted air conditioner can be installed on any wall of the house but concentrates the airflow in a more limited space.

The heat pump, which is primarily defined by high energy efficiency with reduced operating costs, involves uniformly transferring air from one room to another in the house. The heat pump can be configured to heat the home in the winter as well as cool and dehumidify it during the summer months, thanks to its reversible cycle technology.

The heat pump also has the advantage of being eligible for the bi-energy system, which helps reduce heating costs. By limiting energy consumption, this hybrid device is cost-effective since Hydro-Québec customers benefit from a reduced rate (DT) for their electricity consumption.

Users of the heat pump can easily control the climate in their home and maintain it at the desired temperature. This is also true for wall-mounted air conditioners, which now offer some inverter™ models that provide both air conditioning and heating options.

Different models of wall-mounted air conditioners exist to meet the needs of the space to be air-conditioned, whether it’s a condo or a large residential area. Initially, it is essential to ensure that the wall-mounted air conditioner has adequate power for the given area and that it is installed by a specialized technician from the Pétrole Léger team.

Simple wall-mounted units are the most commonly used, while multi-zone wall-mounted units can cover a larger air conditioning area. Consult our experts for advice tailored to your needs.

Each of these two options offers a wide range of benefits. It is now simpler and more accessible than ever to equip your residence with an economical, quiet, and suitable air conditioning system.