A heating system to ensure a tranquil winter season!

An efficient heating oil unit delivers a multitude of advantages


Controlled heating

A multipurpose high performance heating system distributes heat uniformly and adjusts temperature room by room according to usage and comfort levels desired.

Energy savings

In Quebec, 60% of a home’s energy consumption is dedicated to heating. This is why we propose only highly energy efficient systems to limit energy costs.

Silent system

Without compromising the power of your unit, the system will operate silently without disturbing your daily tasks.

Peace of mind

The high quality product offering and professional installation that meets all industry standards will assure your peace of mind for years to come.

You wish to replace your home heating system?
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Our superior quality products

Heating oil, propane gas or electric home heating

Our qualified representatives will recommend the best solution considering your budget and the characteristics of your home:

The quality of the insulation draft proofing


The size of the area to heat


The layout and orientation of the fenestration


Heat pump

With an estimated service life cycle of 10 to 15 years, this 2 in 1 system meets both your heating and air conditioning needs throughout the year. Heat Pumps source the majority of the heat from ambient air up to temperatures of -15C which results in significant savings.


The furnace is a central unit that circulates air throughout the home while treating, purifying and dehumidifying.
Heating oil furnace
Through constant and balanced air circulation, the heating oil furnace provides an excellent distribution of heat. New generation furnaces are compact, silent and better adapted to newly constructed homes. No more worrying about electrical outages given they work without electricity.
Propane gas furnace
A propane gas furnace provides uniform heat in record time (up to twice as fast as electricity) and works despite electrical outages. Modern manufacturing technologies result in safe and efficient furnaces that use the cleanest fossil fuel that produces no residues.
Electric furnace
In addition to being affordable, secure and silent an electric furnace emits no toxic fumes and requires very little maintenance. All winter you will enjoy absolute comfort, uniform heat and better air circulation and humidity control.
Bi-energy furnace
Conversion of your existing system to bi-energy can be an advantageous solution for reducing heating costs. Discounted electrical rates apply when it is used as the main heating source and heating oil is a secondary source used only when temperatures are inferior to -12C (normally electrical rates are increased at these temperatures because of increased demand).

Hot water

The second most important energy consumption element in a home is hot water. Our representatives will offer advice on the best choice between heating oil, propane gas or electricity. In each case, obtain a product which is high efficiency, energy conscious and made in Canada constructed with superior exterior coating to reduce rust and leakage probability.
Léger Énergie

Heating oil reservoir

Durability and security of the products we offer is guaranteed by our choice of known brands that have proved themselves in the market. All our products meet environmental standards, include leakage detectors and are sealed with a waterproof protective coating which increases resistance to wear.

Bi-energy system

Bi-energy is a method of combining two energy sources to supply the heating system. Electricity is the prime source and heating oil or propane gas is the energy source during prolonged periods of extreme cold when electricity is in high demand. By limiting the energy consumption, this hybrid system is economical because it qualifies for a reduced tariff from Hydro-Quebec for electricity consumption.

Our selection of heating products


Heating oil furnace


Granby® – Conforto KLC

Heating capacity (MBTU/H)

74 to 87

Firing rate (USGPH)

0.55 to 0.65



Heating oil furnace


Granby® – Conforto KLF-100 et 200

Heating capacity (MBTU/H)

100 : 66 – 79 – 91
200 : 102 – 119 – 132

Firing rate (USGPH)

100 : 0,55 – 0,65 – 0,75
200 : 0,85 – 1,00 – 1,10



Heating oil furnace


Granby® – Conforto KLR-100 et 200

Heating capacity (MBTU/H)

100 : 66 – 79 – 91
200 : 102 – 126 – 139

Firing rate (USGPH)

100 : 0,55 – 0,65 – 0,75
200 : 0,85 – 1,00 – 1,15



Heating oil furnace


Granby® – Conforto KHM-100 et 200

Heating capacity (MBTU/H)

100 : 66 – 79 – 91
200 : 102 – 126 – 132

Firing rate (USGPH)

100 : 0,55 – 0,65 – 0,75
200 : 0,85 – 1,00 – 1,15



Electric furnace


Granby® – Conforto KLE

Capacity (Kw/max Amps)

15-19 / 67.6-83.1

Energy efficiency (Volts – HP Motor)

240/60/1   |  1/3 – 120 hp



Electric furnace (combined with heat pump)


Amana® – Plus


3 kw to 21 kw

Energy efficiency

208V / 230V – 1 phase


Electric furnace


Stelpro® – La Fournaise


10 000/7500, 15 000/11 200, 17 500/ 13 200,
20 000/15 000, 22 500/16 900, 27 500/20 700
30 000/22 500



5 year warranty


Heating oil water heater


Dettson® – CMO-32-II, 32-II-R et 50-II

Capacity (Gallons)

32 and 50

Heating capacity (BTUH)

70,000 to 83,000

ENERGY STAR® rated (some models)


Heating oil, gas and electricity water heater


Giant® – Série complète

Capacity (Gallons)

Residential: 2, 5, 10, 16, 22, 30, 40, 60
Commercial: 80 and 100

Heating capacity

Heating oil (BTUH): 90,000 to 117,000
Gas (BTU): 38,000 to 65,000
Electricity (volts): 120, 208 and 240

ENERGY STAR® rated (some models)


Heating oil reservoir


Granby® – Ecoplus

Capacity (L / gal imp.)

680/150, 910/200, 1135/250


Double bottom steel
Polyurethane coatinge

Warranty up to 30 years


Heating oil reservoir


Granby® – Fibrestor 2300 and 2800

Capacity (L / gal imp.)

2300 : 871/192
2800 : 680/150, 910/200, 1130/250


Single wall fibreglass
Dual-process resin-based polyurethane

Warranty up to 10 years


Heating oil reservoir


Granby® – 2 en 1

Capacity (Litres)

720 et 1000


Galvanised steel and soldered joints
Visual tank monitoring for leakage

Limited 30-year warranty


Bi-energy system


Dettson® – AME

Heating capacity (BTUH)

77 000, 89 000, 101 000

Firing rate (USGPH)

0,65 – 0,75 – 0,85

Maximum cooling capacity: 3T

For more information about our products, get in touch with our team!

Our complete services offering

Trust our experts


Installation service

Installation can influence the performance and lifetime of your heating or air conditioning system therefore it is essential to use certified installation specialists. While respecting your home, our technician’s installation will meet industry norms while ensuring optimal operation of your system.


Maintenance service

When maintenance is performed by qualified professionals the cleaning of your air conditioning, heating or ventilation system ensures proper operation and eliminates health risks. Regular maintenance permits detection of anomalies which can lead to premature loss of efficiency.


After-sales service

We recognize that trust is the key element of any business relationship and we offer personalized service after your purchase and installation of your air conditioning or heating system. Should problems occur, our team will provide the support necessary.

livraison propane

Procurement and delivery on demand

When your heating oil is running low, contact us to ensure a rapid and professional delivery as required. Trained to the highest industry standards, they will ensure delivery and refueling are done with great care.


Automatic refueling

Save time and gain peace of mind now that you no longer monitor your reservoir balance or need to plan your next delivery. Our automatic system ensures your unit is refueled at a fixed date taking into consideration your frequency of demand and calculating the effect of climatic changes. The delivery service can be combined with a budgetary plan of ten equal monthly payments.


Emergency 24 hour service

Never be without fuel. Our 24 hour 7 day service is available. Our delivery service is reliable  and ensures your home is comfortable despite emergencies.

Certain conditions apply.


Unequalled protection

To protect your investment, our heating products are covered by the best warranties in the industry. We offer several choices of protection plans for furnaces, water heaters and bi-energy systems to optimize the operation of your system and avoid hassles.

Take advantage of government subsidies

Replace your heating system with a better energy efficient unit


Financial aid of $1000 to the first owner of a new home certified Novoclimat 2.0.


Financial aid is awarded for renovations that result in diminished energy consumption and increase the comfort of the residence.

Chauffez Vert

Financial aid is awarded to replace a fossil fuel system by a system powered by electricity or another renewable energy source.


A temporary tax credit to encourage individuals to invest in recognized eco-friendly home renovation work.

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