Indoor propane fireplaces

propane fireplace

Indoor propane fireplaces

Propane fireplace

Increasingly aware of the environment and the quality of the air we breathe at home, many people are turning to healthier and safer supplementary heating solutions, hence the growing popularity of indoor propane fireplaces.
It must be recognized that there are many advantages as secondary heating sources. Propane fireplaces are easier to use since they turn on and off with an on/off switch via a remote control or thermostat. The period of use can also be programmed as well as the desired temperature.

Indoor propane fireplaces require less work and maintenance than wood fireplaces. No more chores where you have to cut, split and string wood, no more shavings, bark and ashes to sweep up and no more smoke whose smell permeates curtains and clothes.

These fireplaces are also safer since there are never any embers: once the gas supply is cut off, the fire goes out immediately. Also, during a power outage, your propane fireplace can still operate and provide you with the heat you need for comfort.

The heat is constant and uniform in the room where the fireplace is located. In addition, the energy released is clean. Compared to wood fireplaces, vented gas fireplaces produce significantly fewer carbon monoxide emissions and particles harmful to health.

Installing a propane fireplace, whether insert, zero clearance or freestanding, is easy since no traditional chimney is required. The propane supply is done by means of a connection to an external cylinder. An exhaust pipe or vent is also fitted to release the combustion gas to the outside.