propane fireplace

Save on heating


The beautiful days are coming to an end, the heat of summer will soon give way to the freshness of autumn days… followed by the cold of the white season. All the more reason to think about heating solutions when the time comes to change the system that powers our home.

Oil heating is one of the solutions offered by specialists, thanks to constant and balanced air circulation which guarantees excellent heat distribution.

The new generation of furnaces, more compact and quieter, is perfectly suited to contemporary constructions.

Our choice of furnaces offers a good variety of products to meet the specific needs of different types of homes. We offer devices from recognized brands that stand out from other brands available on the market.

Our customers are looking for a quality product that is both safe and durable, two priority characteristics that come to the top of the list for the informed consumer. Without forgetting the energy savings that the new generations of heating appliances guarantee, another detail that our customers consider very important.

The environmental factor is also a growing concern these days. Fuel oil tanks meet current environmental standards. They are equipped with a leak detection device as well as a waterproof and wear-resistant external protective coating.

Winter is upon us, it is high time to call on our experts who will be able to advise you while respecting your budget and the characteristics of your home.