Subvention: Léger Énergie and efficient heat pumps

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Subvention: Léger Énergie and efficient heat pumps

Subvention: Léger Énergie and efficient heat pumps

For 70 years, Léger Énergie has stood out for its expertise in providing energy-efficient solutions in Quebec, solidifying its reputation in the field.

In the following article, discover how our services can transform your heating system with high-performance heat pumps. Our equipment is eligible for Hydro-Québec’s Efficient Homes grant, representing an excellent opportunity to modernize your system and save substantial money.

Why opt for a heat pump?

A heat pump offers several significant advantages! For a start, a heat pump provides  heating in winter and cooling during the summer, making it suited to the wide variations in temperature typical of Québec, eliminating the need to install and maintain two separate systems, reducing costs, and maximizing the use of space.

Heat pumps are also energy-efficient, meaning they use less energy to produce the same heat or cold quantity as conventional systems. As a result, heat pumps help reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills (up to 40% off heating bills in winter!).

Efficient Homes Grant: An opportunity to seize 

Hydro-Québec encourages use of efficient heat pumps by offering financial assistance worth up to $6,720. In order to be eligible, homeowners must be supplied with electricity by Hydro-Québec, an independent system, or a municipal utility. The grant covers the purchase and installation of heat pumps from the list of eligible models.


To be considered, applicants are required to meet the following criteria:

  1. Eligible types of heat pumps :
  • Central air-to-air heat pump: Consisting of one indoor and one outdoor unit.
  • Wall-mounted air-to-air heat pump: Includes one or more indoor units and one outdoor unit.

  1. System requirements :
  • The system must be new and listed among the heat pumps approved by the program.
  • The system must be purchased in Québec and installed in a home participating in the program.
  1. Installation requirements :
  • Installation of an efficient heat pump for heating and cooling.
  • Companies must be registered in Quebec, have the necessary RBQ licenses, and be members of a professional order, such as Léger Énergie.

Facilitating grant processes

Léger Énergie plays a key role in simplifying the subsidy application process for the installation of efficient heat pumps. We help you by providing all the required documents and information (electronic invoice, heat pump serial number, license number, etc.), ensuring complete files that meet Hydro-Québec’s expectations.

Quality Commitment

At Léger Énergie, we are committed to providing superior quality products and impeccable customer service. Our technicians are certified and comply with all Régie du bâtiment du Québec standards. When you choose Léger Énergie, you’re choosing a professional, reliable installation.


Investing in a heat pump with Léger Énergie means choosing an energy-efficient, cost-effective solution. With Hydro-Québec’s Efficient Homes Grant, now is a great time to enhance comfort and help protect the environment at the same time. 

Contact us today to learn more!