The versatility of propane gas and its equipment

propane gas

The versatility of propane gas and its equipment

Propane gas, recognized for its versatility and high performance as an energy solution, can power, among other things, a heating system (a pool heater) or cooking appliances (BBQ and stove).

The properties of propane make it one of the safest sources of energy available, an aspect greatly emphasized by both distributors and users. Propane, stored in puncture-resistant tanks, is colorless and odorless.

The strict standards governing the use of propane gas, the equipment, handling and use of propane gas contribute to making it very safe. Adding an odorant also makes it possible to detect its presence in the event of a leak.

In addition, propane gas is a clean and non-toxic energy since it does not emit any particles harmful to health, any soot or any smoke.

Maintenance of propane-powered appliances is easy to carry out and can be done on a less frequent basis than other types of appliance since no deposits form in the pipes. This ensures a longer lifespan for devices using propane gas, while ensuring optimal performance of the devices in question and ultimately, lower maintenance costs.

The use of propane gas provides, at a lower cost, faster, hotter and more constant heat than electric appliances. And when the time comes to light the barbecue to prepare the grill or to add a few comfortable degrees to the water in the swimming pool, every minute saved will make all the difference!